October means Halloween parties galore. Overall, October is just one of the best months out of the year with the fall season coming through and spooky season in full effect. One of the best parties in Atlanta this month will be set in a massive cemetery where you can drink with the ghosts and ghouls. 

Westview Cemetery is the largest cemetery in the Southeast and it is located right in Atlanta. Many people visit to take artsy pictures, or even have photoshoots. Sometimes if you are lucky, events will be held in the Abby on the property. 

The cemetery is hosting Party with the Past on Oct. 24. The party will be in the Abby, AKA the huge chapel and mausoleum containing over 11,000 entombments.

This party is a costume party, which makes it even better. You can dress up as scary as you want to fit the theme of the cemetery, or you can be as unique as you want. Of course, there will be a costume contest, but the grand prize is a secret.

There will be music playing so you can dance the night away with the ghosts that haunt the Abby and the new friends you meet at the party. 

The first 100 guests that arrive (there are over 800 people interested according to their Facebook page) will get a surprise gift. The party starts at 6:30 p.m., so you should get there on time.

The best part about this event is that it is free. Yes, FREE! You only have to RSVP so the Atlanta History Center can know how many people to expect. 

Grab all your friends, put on a bomb costume and go drink with the spirits of the Westview Cemetery for a killer good time.


Party with the Past: Westview Cemetery 

Price: Free

When: Oct. 24

Address: 1680 Westview Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Why You Need To Go: This is a free Halloween party in a cemetery that is the largest in the Southeast, need we say more?


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