Who doesn’t love twinkling lights and intimate settings? This summer, Georgians will have a chance to feel a bit of that glowing magic. The Water Lantern Festival is the perfect place to bring your fave besties or a first date you’re looking to impress.

The Water Lantern Festival first began in 2018 with only 34 cities under its belt. Now a year later, the festival has grown to over 100 festivals across the U.S. and Canada. No wonder it has been recognized by USA TODAY and 10Best.com as the Best Cultural Festival. While the festival has been in Georgia (Savannah) before, this will be the festival’s first time in Atlanta.

The festival’s team of event and production organizers make sure everything is provided for festival lovers. Goers can bring their own food or take part in the food trucks at the festival. Since each location is different, every festival is unique to the city. You should follow the Water Lantern Festival’s Facebook event page for the Atlanta festival, park officials told Narcity, to get a better idea of what trucks will be available for Atlanta (and if the park will allow alcoholic for the night).

One adult ticket pays for one lantern, a commemorative drawstring bag, a marker and wristband (for entry in and out of the park). While festival-goers are allowed to bring their own markers, it is strongly recommended to only use those provided by the festival to prevent damaging your lantern accidentally. Just in case you do damage your lantern, or just want to add to your fun, there are additional lanterns available for purchase onsite.

Many draw cute designs filled with hearts and stars on the lanterns. Others sprinkle intentional positivity on their lanterns with phrases like “Good things take time” and “go live your dream.” Whatever your design skills, the hundreds of lanterns easily resemble thousands under the starry sky.

Plus, not only is it a blast to watch, the festival runners try to make the event as sustainable as possible. The lanterns are made from wood and rice paper and are cleaned up by the festival’s staff to avoid unnecessary litter. So basically, don’t bring your own lanterns because they can’t guarantee lanterns leftover that are not from the festival will be cleaned up.

The festival will be held on July 7 at Jim R. Miller Park in Marietta. Park officials have confirmed that there will be plenty of parking space, but it never hurts to be on time, maybe even early for the festivities.

Bring all your picnic-ready gear and lay out in the sun with your lantern before sundown. The best time to get to the festival is around 4p to enjoy the sun and watch the sunset (around 6pm) on the water just before lanterns are set to touch the water.

Tickets start at $25. Festival organizers are also giving away discounts on the official Water Lantern Festival website, including early bird rates, Date Night Specials and $2 off if you share the event on Facebook.

Water Lantern Festival

Price: Starting at $25

Address: Jim R. Miller Park & Event Center, 2245 Callaway Rd SW, Marietta, GA 30008

Why you need to go: Perfect, creative day in the sun with friends or a special someone that leaves a positive feeling in the air.


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