Georgia is one of the lucky states that's able to see stars at night. While this may seem like a common thing to anyone living in the South, those living up North or in major cities don't get to experience the magic of seeing a starry sky. Because of this, we also get to have amazing light events during the year, including The Lights Fest Atlanta 2019 coming this November. 

The Lights Fest is a very popular event that happens internationally and across the U.S. The event lights up the night sky with lanterns made my Georgians and folks across state lines. Georgia loves a good lantern show so we're sure this one also won't disappoint. The fest is on Nov. 2 at the Talladega GP Raceway in Alabama and while tickets aren't on sale quite yet, you can still save your spot for the fall festival. Even though the event is in another state, it's only two hours outside of the city so it's a perfect reason to take a road trip to get out of town. 

The Lights Festival is more than just any other magical light show. The event itself is meant to be a transformational experience where you can "share your light" with family, friends and even a few strangers.

The event really makes registatration and getting your materials super easy. You check in with the welcoming tent where you will pick up your lantern, torches and writing materials and wander off to find a perfect place to set up your area (chairs and blankets encouraged). The officials times haven't been released, but we assume lantern launches will be after sundown to really see these babies glow.

You can write anything you wish on the lanterns (with the markers provided by the festival organizers) and many take this chance to say really positive words just put some good feels into the air. Others take the lantern as a chance to release negative energy by writing things they wish to let go of. Whether deep or just a bunch of doodles, you can give a bit of yourself to the sky.

If you're worried about where these lanterns land, the event staff takes care of all the clean up as well. Plus, the lanterns are 100% biodegradeable, made of rice paper and bamboo, so if they miss any, it's going right back into the Earth. 

Don't miss this beautiful light enxperience. If you want to see larger lanterns glow within city limits, you can check out the The Lantern Festival in Old Fourth Ward This October. 


The Lights Fest 

Price: $27+

When: Nov. 2

Address: Talladega GP Raceway, 46 Pilgrim Lane, Munford, Alabama 36268

Why You Need To Go: The light show is going to be a magical, transformative experience. 

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