Spooky season is going to creep up sooner than we know it. This is the time when everyone thinks they can handle going into a haunted house and then backs out at the last second. Only the strong can make it through some of these houses, and let us tell you, they are pretty scary. The biggest and scariest attraction is back for another year and maybe it is your time to get over your fear and face your biggest nightmares.

Netherworld Haunted House moved to Stone Mountain and has announced its 2019 Halloween season dates. This is one of the scariest haunted houses in the entire state, so you will want to get your tickets soon. Every year it gets bigger, which means it gets more freaky. 

The doors will be opening on Sept. 27 this year. Since the attraction always wants returning visitors to stay on their toes and surprised, the house always comes up with different themes for the new year. 

This year, one theme is "Night of the Gorgon," which is a creature that can turn you into stone.  It is similar to the Greek god, Medusa, but 100x scarier. There will be rooms like the Twisting Mirrors of Zin and the Behemoth’s Collapsing Cavern.

The second theme is "Cold Blooded," which will feature flesh-eating dinos and lizardmen and loud, new special effects in this area.

They have added new attractions besides the haunted house including a new escape room, a Netherworld laser tag area, and a monster museum. The blacklight laser tag theme is "post-apocalypse" and the arena mimics a video game. 

"There’s everything from complex mazes, abandoned buildings, video game-style reward boxes and a huge variety of different battle modes that visitors are going to love," states the website. They also say that during the Halloween season they might throw in some live monsters. 

This large attraction that gathers thousands of people a year has been growing year after year. Instead of just going through the terrifying, haunted mansion, you can add on these other new activites while you are there. These are also year-round events, so you can experience the scare whenever you want. 

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Price: $20+

Address: 2076 West Park Place Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Why you should go: This is the scariest attraction in the state and they have added new editions this year. You can participate in an escape room, go through the museum, and play laser tag. 


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