When it comes to activities to do and places to go around Atlanta, it may feel like everything costs loads of money. Whether you're headed to a bar, a local restaurant, or even a museum, it can be easy to spend a ton of cash in just one day of exploring the city. However, if you know where to look, there are plenty of free activities in Atlanta you should know about.

From historical centers to parks to gorgeous views, there is plenty for you to do in the city without having to break your budget. If you're looking for fun activities in the city to explore in January, you'll definitely want to check out these options.

Jackson Steet Bridge

Price: Free

Address: Jackson St. NE, Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: This bridge overlooks probably the most photogenic view of the city. Whether you just want to take in the skyline at sunset or you want to stage a whole photo shoot, it's definitely something you should see.

Fernbank Science Center

Price: Free

Address: 156 Heaton Park Dr., Atlanta, GA 

Why You Need To Go: There is so much to learn at the Fernbank Science Center, and both admission and parking are completely free. Make sure you check out the huge dinosaur fossil statue and the Apollo Interactive exhibit.

Historic Oakland Cemetery

Price: Free

Address: 248 Oakland Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 

Why You Need To Go: This cemetery is actually Atlanta's oldest park, and it's the resting place of some of Atlanta's most famous residents. It's a gorgeous place to walk around and snap some shots.

Dekalb Farmers Market

Price: Free

Address: 3000 E. Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 

Why You Need To Go: This farmers market has just about every ingredient you could ever think of. It's known for selling food from around the world, so whether you're there just to browse or you need to pick up something that you can't find at your local grocery store, this is the place to go.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

Price: Free

Address: 450 Auburn Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 

Why You Need To Go: This historical park covers a large swath of the Sweet Auburn area. It's the perfect place to visit if you want to learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy in the city of Atlanta and beyond.

Old Fourth Ward Skate Park

Price: Free

Address: 830 Willoughby Way NE, Atlanta, GA 

Why You Need To Go: This skate park is in the heart of the Old Fourth Ward and is right on the Beltline. Whether you want to try skateboarding or rollerblading in the park or you just want to sit and watch the pros, this is definitely a super fun spot to check out.

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