Whether you played with them as a kid or your younger sibling annoyed the crap out of you with them, some of us have come in contact with a Nerf gun at least once in our lives. They are really fun until you are left with welts on your body from constant battles in the house. One of the best things to do in Atlanta is letting loose at this Nerf arena where you'll feel like a kid again. 

SS Airsoft in Atlanta is a spot that you can let your inner child run wild. You have to provide your own gun and ammo, but the facility has a 24,000-square-foot battle zone with bunkers, cars and other obstacles that you can hide out behind. 

This is mainly an Airsoft destination, but if you are not up for that intensity yet, the Nerf option was created just for you. This is not your average weekend activity, which is what we need in our lives every now and then. 

There are only so many places to run and hide in your house or in your yard, so this spot is paradise. You might be able to walk out without bruises because of all the places you can run and hide behind. 

You and your friends can choose from 20 different scenarios to try and conquer to really spice up your war. Did we mention it's only $15 for an hour of play or $25 for an all-day pass?

The facility suggests bringing your own guns, ammo and gear so you are fully prepared and know exactly how your weapons work. If you don't have any Nerf items, you can rent different weapons so you can still partake in the fun. 

To make this experience even more enjoyable, your group can wear different colored bandanas or even matching shirts to really get into the game. 


Nerf Battle at SS Airsoft 

Price: $15+

Address: 4729 Nelson Brogdon Blvd. A, Sugar Hill, GA 

Why You Need To Go: You can really feel like a kid again in this 24,000-square-foot arena where your Nerf war dreams will come true. 


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