Even though the last episode of Friends aired in 2004, the love for all things Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, Monica, and Chandler related are still at an all-time high. The one way to truly prove your love for the show is by annihilating the rest of the city in a game of Friends trivia. This epic Atlanta bar crawl will put your knowledge of Friends trivia to the test against some of the biggest superfans in the city. 

Clear your calendar for August 10 because it's an all-day affair (something Ross would know all about). You and your team of up to eight people will put your knowledge of the show to the test at four different Buckhead bars, competing with superfans around the city. 

In total, you'll be asked 100 questions, so you and your team better know key details of the show (would you know what Emma's first word was?) If your team is crowned victorious, you'll win ever-important bragging rights and the iconic Geller Cup, which might look a little something like this.

There will also be prize awards to second and third place, but the most important part is that it's going to be an insanely fun night. You'll hit some of Buckhead's staples, like:

Even if you epically lose in the tournament, there's one last pick-me-up, the afterparty. This could be your team celebrating after the tournament, regardless of where you placed. 

The party kicks off at 4 p.m. when you check-in at Dive Bar. Drink specials are still pending, but "crawlers" usually get two to three free drinks, which is even more reason to come. 

To prep for the competition, you can get your fits together for the costume contest. If you post your costumes, the group with the most likes one week after the bar crawl will get free tickets to the next event. This means you could score free tickets to the Marvel Trivia Bar Crawl in September which will be insane. These bar crawls are so big they're hitting multiple cities across the country.

Everyone at The Office Bar Crawl last month was really into it, so it should give you a good idea of how intense the competition and costumes will be next month.  

Even after your team is done (and hopefully, victorious), you can hit other Buckhead bars including or head to S.O.S. Tiki to get a punch bowl with an entire bottle of rum included. A drink like that is only fit for a valiant team.  

Tickets are still cheap, so we highly advise you grab them now. If your group of 4 purchases them now, you'll only pay $15 each. For groups smaller than 4, it'll be $20. No matter the size of your party (even if you're riding solo), it's time to pivot your way to the top and get that trophy. 

Friends Bar Crawl

Price: Tickets start at $15

Address: 3184 Roswell Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305 for check-in

Why you need to go: For anyone that loves or has even seen the Friends, this is the perfect event to reminisce on the greatest of that show. 


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