This current weather has Atlanta feeling like Seattle right now. Thankfully, an end to the dreariness is coming soon, and it'll be more colorful and sweeter than you imagined. Springtime is just around the corner and so is this Atlanta fair in March, which will add some much-needed vibrancy into your life. 

The official Atlanta Fair is taking over historic Turner Field on March 6 all the way until April 12. 

Even if you're technically considered an adult, the fair coming to town is an ode to warmer weather and a subtle reminder to be a big kid every once in a while. 

It doesn't even cost much to channel your inner child. Ride tickets are $1.25, but if you're want to go all in, you can get an unlimited ride wristband for $25 during most times.

How much you spend totally depends on which day you go. To keep track of all the specials, follow this broken down schedule:

  • Monday: $25 unlimited rides wristband

  • Tuesday: $2 rides

  • Wednesday: $25 BOGO unlimited wristbands

  • Thursday: $25 unlimited

  • Friday: $25 unlimited

  • Saturday and Sunday Daytime: $28.95 unlimited

  • Saturday After 8 p.m. and Sunday After 7 p.m.: $25 unlimited

The cost of admission is dependent on the day you go. Opening day on March 6 is the way to go with $1 admission, but from then on the cost ranges from $2 to $8. 

You spend enough time as an adult worrying about finances and there's a lot more to the fair than how much you'll spend.

Rides that aren't exactly for kids will light up the night, like Alien Abduction, which will completely alter your gravitation pull in the whirling machine. 

If you're not going for the rides, the food here makes for the ideal cheat day. You'll be surrounded by classics like turkey legs and funnel cakes and some off-the-wall deep-fried creations like Oreos and even Kool-Aid. 

Fairs just might be more fun as adults so you don't want to miss this youthful event with friends.  

Atlanta Fair 

Price: $1-$8 admission 

When: March 6- April 12

Address: 655 Central Ave. SW, Atlanta, GA 

Why You Need To Go: You can be carefree for an evening at this fair that's guaranteed to ignite the inner child in you. 


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