When it came to elementary and middle school, field day meant all bets were off. Competitiveness went through the roof and the only thing that mattered was winning. You can actually relive those feelings of ambition and excitement at this year's Atlanta Field Day. This giant field day in Atlanta is the most fun you'll have this summer.

Teams of eight or more participants will go head-to-head in a few of the most iconic games from the playground on July 13 in Historic Fourth Ward Park. Get ready to show off in tug-of-war, sack racing, giant Jenga, and so much more. You're guaranteed to sweat and even get those brain juices flowing with some critical thinking games. 

The competition will be steep. 50 to 75 teams in total will be competing for the coveted grand prize of "King of the Field." Even if your team doesn't come out on top, there is the chance to win a "Team Spirit" award for the most vivacious costumes, and "Fundraising Champion." 

"Fundraising Champion" will be awarded to the team that raises the most money for Playworks Georgia. This organization aims to use the power of being active to shape the social and mental state of elementary-aged children. Not only are you playing for glory, but you're also supporting an amazing cause along the way. 

Along with trophies and bragging rights, winners will receive gifts from the event sponsors. Smirnoff, Lunazaul, Hello Fresh, White Claw, and Diamond Resorts are just a few of the sponsors, so you know the prizes will be on point.  

This event is strictly reserved for everyone 21+. You might want to cool down with water, but there will be adult beverages to sip on.

Registration ends this week, so get a team together by July 5 if you want all the glory. Teams range from eight to twelve participants. 

If you're still not sold on going, take it from one of 2018's second place winners, JP Valenti. 

"[Atlanta Field Day is] the perfect blend of competitiveness and camaraderie with a hint of childhood nostalgia. Where else is it okay for grown adults to do sack races, big wheel races, and scavenger hunts?" Valenti told Narcity. 

"We're coming back this year to get the trophy," he added.

If you think you've got what it takes to take on Valenti and the slew of other teams this year, sign up below. 

Atlanta Field Day 

Price: $62.50 for a team of 8, $41.60 for a team of 12

Address: 680 Dallas St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Why you need to go: There is no other place where it'll be appropriate to completely channel your inner child. 


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