Sports bars are finding so many creative waves to pull new clientele. If you love Bad Axe Throwing (drinking and ax throwing) or Revery VR Bar (drinking and playing virtual reality video games), then the newest gaming bar coming to Atlanta is right up your alley. Fowling, the sport that combines football and bowling, where players throw a football at bowling pins, is coming to Georgia. The originators of the sport, Fowling Warehouse, will soon be opening an Atlanta location on the Westside. 

This innovative, hybrid sport was created over 20 years ago in Detroit, Michigan by a resident and his close friends. After years of gameplay, the ring leader of the friend group decided to open an official location in Hamtramck, Michigan. The Fowling Warehouse is home to 20 fowling lanes, 2 full-stocked bars and a 175-seat beer garden. 

The game is just as straightforward as it sounds. Players use a regulation-grade football to knock down as many of their opposing team's 10 pins as possible before they knock down yours. Each team can have 10 players max so choose your friends wisely. This is a perfect way to let your competiveness fly with a pint of beer in hand.

The simplicity of the game makes it perfect for anyone to enjoy. In an interview from the opening of the OG Fowling Warehouse in 2014, inventor and owner Chriss Hutt calls the sport "infectious" and boasts "You see people who have never thrown a football before beating former football players." It really evens out the playing field and puts everyone on the same skill level which here, is beginner. 

Atlanta will be the fourth location of the Fowling Warehouse, following Detroit and Grand Rapids locations in Michigan and Cincinnati, Ohio. 

As Eater Atlanta reported, a planning application was submitted to Atlanta city planning officials that highlighted the expected location to begin developing on the Westside of Blandtown off of Huff Road.

Similar to the the Detroit (Hamtramck) location, the Atlanta space will be covering 25,000 square footage and include 20 fowling lanes, a bar and have a "retail-type" set-up. The building accommodates 200 people, but only 80 players can be in the gaming area at one time.

Narcity has reachd out to the Fowling Warehouse for more information and will update soon as more details are available. 

No official date has been released on the expected opening, but we are hoping the beer is flowing and the footballs are flying very soon. 

Fowling Warehouse

Price: TBD

Address: Westside of Blandtown off Huff Road

Why you need to go: You can test your throwing arm by tossing a football at bowling pins while also drinking beer. 



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