We all know and love the famous Comic Con and of course, Atlanta's very own Dragon Con, which both continue to see growing success (and even crazier costumes) by the year. All of these "cons" are so much fun because they allow us to channel our inner fantasies and play the role of our favorite characters around a group of like-minded individuals. More conventions like these are popping up, including the massive Walking Dead convention in Atlanta next month. 

Walker Stalker, a convention with a horror-ific zombie con feel, will be making a stop in Atlanta October 18-20 at The Georgia World Congress Center. The fan meet-up convention, which was established in 2013, began as a TWD-lovers podcast that turned into fan meet-ups and eventually expanded on a much larger scale (70,000 people attend these events).

With only four other stops around the U.S. (and one in London), Atlanta is lucky to have the opportunity to be surrounded by over 70 actors from The Walking Dead and more of your favorite shows, including American Horror Story and Game of Thrones. We are talking Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, ladies. 

Because Atlanta is the filming location of The Walking Dead, we expect proud Georgians everywhere to take this opportunity and come dressed in their goriest and most life-like zombie costumes (special effects and all). You want to fit the character as you pose next to Christian Serratos of TWD or Dylan McDermott of American Horror Story. There will also be tons of immersive exhibits and artists to keep you creeped out between your meet-and-greets.

To add even more horrific excitement to the mix, there will be a '90s horror-themed after-party on Saturday for only $20. The 18+ event will be hosted by Matthew Lillard from Scream (and Scooby Doo) and we encourage you to dress as your favorite '90s horror victim or villain. Drink to your bleeding heart's content at the cash bars.

Of course, this glorious undead wasteland comes with a price but single-day tickets are only $40 on Saturday and $30 on Sunday. To get the best value and make sure you have the chance to ogle over your favorite actors, snag the three-day ticket for only $60. Celeb photo ops are priced separately and the costs range depending on the actor and preferred print size.

You will definitely be more starstruck than ever before and this is your chance to impress your favorite celebs and convince them you're coming for their brains.

If you are looking for more scary Halloween fun, check out the all-new terrifying attractions at this year's Six Flags Fright Fest or take a trip to this 10,000-year-old ghost town full of paranormal activity.


Walker Stalker Atlanta 2019

Price: $30 to $60

When: October 18-20

Address: 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Why You Need To Go: To become a zombie for a weekend in the (up close and personal) presence of the actors from your favorite horror shows.


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