Businesses have had to get creative throughout the past week due to the shelter order put in place by the Atlanta mayor. Many have turned to virtual options that are affordable or even free. This virtual food tour in Atlanta is unlike anything that's ever been done and you can turn yourself into a chef for a night. 

Atlanta's #1 rated food tour, Unexpected Atlanta Tours & Stories, has jumped on the virtual tour bandwagon and has launched the ATL Food Tour Box. 

This is actually the only tour of its kind in the entire US that brings food right to your door and your computer. 

The box that you order will come with all the ingredients you need, straight to your door with no human interaction, kind of like a Hello Fresh box.

You'll also get access to exclusive videos and links on how to cook the recipes just like the chefs so you really feel like you're on a hands-on tour.  

The box you order is pre-portioned for two people. You can choose between three boxed options: the steak and stout, the vegetarian or the country chicken box. Each portion can be a different meal if your significant other or friend isn't a fan of your option. 

You'll receive, "two Panbury's double-crust pies (you pick the flavor), Just Add Honey Georgia Peaches blended tea with sachet, a one-pound bag of Logan Turnpike Mill cornmeal, two Miss D's 1.5 ounces pralines, one bucket Miss D's triple popcorn, pastry brush, a recipe card for hoecakes, exclusive link to 45 minutes of chef videos and fun history videos, including the interactive recipe demo," according to the website

This completely immersive experience will not only be educational and benefiting you, but you'll be supporting three small businesses in the Municipal Market as well: Panbury’s, Just Add Honey and Miss D's.  

It's $69.99 for both portions, so you'll only really be paying $35 for a tour and a full meal wrapped in a fun in-home experience. 

ATL Food Tour Box 

Price: $69.99

Why You Need To Order: You'll get a full box of two portions of food that comes with exclusive videos and links on how to prepare it. 


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