Growing up we all went through a phase of loving dinosaurs, and were probably pretty sad when we had to eventually grow out of it. I mean, who didn't love Jurassic Park? The Austin Public Library understands needing to reflect on our childhood from time to time, so they are bringing us one of the greatest events to do just that! APL After Dark: Dino Pop-Up allows you to let the kid in you come out, and be amazed by dinosaurs all over again. 

How many people can say they've been in the Austin Public Library... after hours? Well now you can. On Friday, July 12th from 7 PM to 9 PM the Austin Public Library is staying open late to give you all the drinks, snacks, and dinos you can handle. This event is 21+ only, so you won't have to worry about (actual) kids ruining the fun!

Dinosaur George will be at the event to offer up tons of fun dinosaur knowledge. Not only will you get to learn about dinosaurs, but you'll also get to create dinosaur crafts and see their bones for yourself. After this night, the pop-up will be open to all ages. So this is your one chance to see it before anyone else, while avoiding the noise and chaos kids tend to create at these pop-ups. 

Tickets for the event are only $7. Cheap, genuine fun is always the best! Ever since it's opening the Austin Public Library has brought in crowds almost every day, and it's because of events like these that we've learned to truly appreciate the building and people within. Put on your favorite dinosaur socks (we know you have some) and get ready to be amazed!

APL After Dark: Dino Pop-Up

Price: 💸

Address: 710 West Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, Texas 78701

Why you need to go: The kid in you is going to jump with joy at all of the fun dinosaur activities! You'll be in the best public library known to man, while enjoying snacks and drinks with people your age. 


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