Growing up, if there was an opportunity to spend a summer day playing in or with water, we'd take it. From Slip'n'slides to our neighborhood pool and water fights, there was no way our parents were getting us back inside any time soon. Next Level Fun understands this more than anyone, and is hosting the 9th Annual Austin Splash Mob this weekend. Cancel your plans because you're going to want to experience this!

This Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. there will be a Splash Mob unlike any other on 6th Street and Trinity Street. That's right, you have 30 minutes to relive your childhood and spray and splash anyone who comes your way. It's called a mob for a reason, meaning anyone and everyone is fair game. When you hear the airhorn go off, it's on.

Visiting the Next Level Fun Facebook page is highly recommended to know exactly what's going on. You know, in case that funky Texas weather gets in the way. It's recommended to bring your favorite water guns and other fun gear, but if you don't have too many of your own there will be plenty provided for you. They'll even try to have a refilling station in case things get extra crazy.

There are a few rules and pro-tips to check out on the Facebook page dedicated to the Splash Mob, so you know all the "Do's and Don't's" for this Sunday. Make sure to be dressed in the right gear so that you're not getting your favorite tops messed up. But who are we kidding, any excuse to be in a bathing suit in this Texas heat we'll take.

9th Annual Austin Splash Mob

Price: Free!

Address: 6th Street and Trinity Street

Why you need to go: Who doesn't love to play with water guns? Now you can for a straight 30 minutes and it's completely fair game! 


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