The coolest new ice cream shop has just opened in Austin. The popular Taiwanese ice cream franchise I-CE-NY has finally opened its doors in Austin and they are bringing the sweetest treats ever. From loaded ice cream tacos to rolled ice cream piled high with cookies, this is the perfect new dessert spot for summer.

The crazy ice cream shop I-CE-NY was originally an insanely popular shop in Thailand until they expanded West to share their ultimate ice cream techniques with the United States. The process for making their signature ice creams is unlike any other and it creates incredible new textures and flavors.

Their ice cream making process starts with them pouring their perfected ice cream liquid base on a metal plate that goes down to -15 degrees along with any mix-ins the customer wants. They mash up the ingredients together very quickly with metal paddles and spread it out to a thin layer. They then roll up the frosty dessert and serve it with an abundance of fantastic sugary toppings.

You can choose from the top favorite flavors like strawberry cheesecake, mango sticky rice, smores, and rose lychee or you can create their own delicious ice cream creation. You can pick from 7 different ice cream base flavors and 20 mix-in ingredients to make your perfect dessert. There are also more than 32 toppings available to load on top of your delicious frozen treat. 

I-CE-NY is always on top of the dessert trends and the public's changing favorite flavors. They are always changing up their menu with new creations and themed treats for every holiday, season and event. There is always something new to try at their tasty locations, from loaded ice cream waffle tacos to delectable donut ice cream sandwiches. You'll keep coming back for more!

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The frozen ice cream treats go for about $7 each, which includes your choice of ice cream, mix-ins and tons of toppings. 

The new Austin I-CE-NY is located at the popular Lakeline Mall at 11200 Lakeline Mall Drive, Cedar Park, TX. You can visit their website for more information here!

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