Congress Avenue Bridge is an iconic location in Austin. It's one spot many visit to take pictures, enjoy incredible views, and to get sightings of bats. During the summer, you can see bats emerge from under this very bridge and experience something not many people get to. What better way to finish the summer off than with Bat Fest 2019, taking place this August! 

On Saturday, August 24th, Bat Fest 2019 will be held from 4 PM until midnight, giving people the chance to see 1... or 1.5 million bats. While you may have come a time or two before and not have stood in the best spot, this fest allows you to purchase VIP tickets giving you incredible front row seats to see the incredible bat takeoff. 

Tickets for the fest are only $15 if you purchase them ahead of time, and $20 (cash only) at the gate. If you do decide to go the VIP route, early bird tickets are $140 versus the regular $200. This'll allow you to sit front row, use private restrooms, get reserved parking, complimentary drinks, and more! It just might be worth it.

This is such a cool fest that happens only once a year, if you haven't attended one yet then you absolutely need to. Bats are animals not many people get to see up close, let alone millions at a time. Purchase your tickets ASAP to save the most money! 

15th Annual Bat Fest

Price: 💸 to 💸💸

Address: 100 South Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704

Why you need to go: This is a great opportunity to experience something only a few people ever have before! 


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