Having the time of your life does not always involve a large investment of money. Believe it or not, sometimes it doesn't even have to do with your clothes being clean. A huge festival of colors is coming to Austin next March, and you'll get to throw vibrantly colored powders at everyone around you (and receive the same courtesy).

Get ready to feel like a happy kid again, and the best part is that admission is only $5.

Inspired in the famous ancient Hindu festival Holi, that celebrates the arrival of spring and the blossoming of love, Austin's Festival of Colors will take place on March 7, from 2:00 to 6:40 p.m. 

Get ready to get sprinkled with color and have a blast with live entertainment at the stage, food, activities, and super chill vibes.  

The main attraction of the fest will be the throwing of colorful powders to the people next to you, so make sure to share the love and have fun with your friends and everyone around you. They'll do the same.

A bag of organic powder of your color choice will be included with your admission ticket. You will be able to get more at the festival. 

But the fun does not end there. There will be a stage filled with live entertainment so you can show off your dancing skills.

Performances will include a live DJ and a drum player. They will also have dance presentations. 

When you get tired of all that dancing and playing, you'll probably need to stop for a snack and drink. You can try some authentic South Asian food and drink from the vendors that will be on-premises. 

Since the festival is family-friendly, there will also be free kids activities and games.

Organizers have announced that there will be a special moment at the fest called "Rain dance." The rain dance is a much-needed water spray over all the attendees.

This normally happens in this kind of festival all over the world, and it's the most thrilling moment of the event.

That will not only cool you off, also transforms the colored powders into a paint. You'll past from being powdered to be fully painted in a full array of colors.

The exact locations of this mega-fun fest haven't been announced yet, so make sure you keep an eye on the organizer's social media posts.

Festival Of Colors

Price: $5

When: March 7 

Address: Austin, Texas. Exact location TBA

Why You Need To Go: Get ready to be sprinkled with bright colored powders (and get others dirty as well) at this fest inspired in the Hindu Holi Festival. There will also be yummy Asian food and entertainment. Tickets are $5.

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