There are places in Texas that prove that the small things in life can bring the greatest joys. One of them is Little America, a miniature horse farm outside of Austin. I mean, can there be something more adorable than petting cute little horses all day? The good news is that you can take a tour of the property and hang out with these beautiful tiny equines. 

Little America is a family-owned and operated miniature horse farm located in Buda, Texas. The owners have been passionate about miniatures for 50 years, and they'll be more than welcome to receive you and show you around.

There, you get to see small equines of different races and colors. You can pet them, hold them, and maybe feed them or take them for a short walk. 

You probably didn't know this, but they make lovely pets. These noble animals have all the majestic beauty of a horse contained in such a tiny "package."

However, you don't have to buy one to get to spend time with the minis. You can set up an appointment to visit the farm and get to know their history and the work they do. 

This will be a truly transformative experience for any animal lover.

Little America is always receiving guests interested in seeing the property and get close to their animals. They welcome visitors by appointment only, so make sure to get in touch with them to plan your visit

Tony Greaves, the owner, will be more than happy to show you around. He's been working with the animals for over half a century now. Who knows, maybe you fall in love with one of the small ones and take home a new pet.

According to their website, they currently have around 170 for sale at the farm, on a price range that goes from $500 up to $50,000.  

Contrary to what some people might think, the tiny equines are not ponies. The difference between the two is that ponies are up to 48 inches tall, and miniatures are 34 inches or smaller.

Tony Greaves mention in a blog post that he prides himself on the fact that all of his beasts at Little America are under 34 inches. Eighty of them are even under 30 inches. That's so tiny!

The farm also has a program called Thursday Kids, in which they welcome a group of young kids from the surrounding areas to work with the little ones after school.

As part of the fun, they get to learn all about grooming, training, handling, work on obstacle courses, and other practice showmanship tasks.

This can be an excellent way for children to learn responsibility while they hang out with these cute creatures. 

Little America Miniature Horses

Price: Call for details 

Address: 2460 FM 2001, Buda, TX

Why You Need To Go: Get close to the cutest tiny horses at this farm near Austin. It's going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

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