Getting outside this summer is one thing, filling your summer days with adventure is something entirely different. What's the point of living in or visiting somewhere as magical as Texas if you can't enjoy what this wonderous state has to offer? Chalk Ridge Falls Park in Belton is the perfect way to spend any day in the Lone Star State. It's a short drive from Austin or Waco, and it is truly magical.

Putting on sunscreen rather than a full face of makeup is a pretty big indicator that you have a good day ahead of you. At Chalk Ridge Falls State Park, you'll spend half the day in water, and the other half admiring your surroundings. If there's one thing the park doesn't lack, it's beauty.

This park has plenty of trails and a massive suspension bridge you can climb over to get to the next stunning part. While you're on the bridge, you can look beneath you and see the gorgeous water in all of its glory. Once you're ready to cool off, there are waterfalls and massive bodies of water ready to be explored. Though, we definitely recommend splashing in the waterfalls.

What makes your visit to Chalk Ridge Falls Park even better is that it's totally free. You can start your day at 8 AM and stay as late as 7 PM everyday of the week. Whether you're ready for adventure Monday or Friday, Chalk Ridge Falls is always ready for you!

Chalk Ridge Falls Park

Price: Free!

Address: 5600 FM1670, Belton, TX 76513

Why you need to go: Forget pools, waterfalls are 10x better and get you just as cooled off! And this park has everything from places to swim to massive bridges where you can observe pure beauty.


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