The amount of parks in Texas feels never-ending. From Enchanted Rock State Natural Area to Garner State Park, you can find anything outdoorsy that you're craving to do at one of these many oases. What most parks lack is the ability to take you back in time, but at Dinosaur Park in Cedar Creek, that's never a problem. This incredible park has nature, dinosaurs, and plenty of cute photo ops.

It's a tragedy that dinosaurs ever went extinct, but the love people still have for them is undeniable. There are tons of iconic movies about them, museums filled with their remains, and books written about them that keep them alive to this day. Dinosaur Park allows you to walk throughout nature trails and marvel at them standing just inches away. And it's only $9 to visit! 

Cedar Creek is only a short drive from Austin and the proud home of Dinosaur Park. They're open daily until August 18th from 10 AM to 4 PM and their very last trail entry is at 3:30 PM. They have every type of dinosaur you can think of (beware of the T-Rex!) and the cutest displays to take pictures with - including a Jurassic Park van that looks like it came straight from the movie set!

This park is such a unique way to spend your day during the summer, and it's a great way to learn about dinosaurs while being as close to their look-alikes as you can get. Parking is totally free and paying for the entrance fee will get you tons of discounts at other hot spots in Austin! Be prepared to be raving about this place for the rest of your summer. 

Dinosaur Park

Price: 💸

Address: 893 Union Chapel Rd, Cedar Creek, TX 78612

Why you need to go: While most of the museums you go to only show small parts of dinosaurs, this park will show you the entirety of one! You'll feel like you're straight out of Jurassic Park movie.


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