Sometimes taking part in the coolest things Austin has to offer can get expensive. That's why knowing any and every deal before you go places is key! Turns out, you can now buy tickets to Lake Travis Zipline Adventures on Groupon with a $99 per person deal! 

If you don't understand the hype behind this zipline already, you're about to. Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures is home to the longest and fastest ziplines in all of Texas! Sure, there's plenty of smaller ziplines to explore throughout Texas, but why go there when you know the biggest in the state is just miles away? And now it's more affordable than ever.

Instead of paying the usual $125 + tax price per person, you can get almost thirty percent off through Groupon and save that money for a tasty meal afterwards. You'll get three hours worth of ziplining with a friendly tour guide to help you navigate through the sky. Groupon is also offering cheap deals for ziplining for two, and ziplining for four! The more friends that are down to do this with you, the better. You guys can all save!

Lake Travis offers plenty of other fun activities such as swimming in the nude at Hippie Hollow, or relaxing with a massive margarita at The Oasis. While a good three hours of your day will be taken up by ziplining, there's no need to leave Lake Travis right afterwards. You can make a full day out of it, and gain plenty of awesome memories!

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Price: 💸💸

Address: 14529 Pocohontas Trail, Volente, TX 78641

Why you need to go: Ziplining above the gorgeous Lake Travis has never been cheaper, therefore it's never been better! You can grab your friends and soar through the sky for unbelievable thrills.


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