Someone rich and powerful once said there's no better way to party than on a boat. Turns out, you don't have to be either of those things to do just that! Rhythm on the Water is a brand new music series in Austin, and next month you can take part in their second event ever by going to Lasers on the Lake, a concert that takes place completely on water. Seeing concerts in stadiums is so last year.

This concert on water takes place during a 3 hour long boat cruise on Friday, July 19th, where you'll not only be enjoying music from A-Town GetDown and Zero Hour, but also the insane views Lake Austin provides. Endless food and drinks will be provided the entire night, so you never have to worry about refreshments. It's everything you could hope for in one night. Just because you couldn't afford a cruise to the Bahamas this summer, doesn't mean you don't deserve a cruise.

Food on the boat will be provided from Uncle Billy's Smokehouse & Brewery, a delicious restaurant in Austin. Drinks will be provided from them as well, along with GOODNIGHT LOVING VODKA. You'll be able to get your eat and drink on while enjoying music along with 139 other people. That's right, only 140 spots are available to enjoy Lasers on the Lake, so getting your ticket well in advance is highly recommended!

Tickets are only $70 for you and your friends to enjoy a crazy night out. The boat begins boarding at 6 PM and leaves at 6:30 PM, so you definitely don't want to be late. Afterwards there'll be an afterparty at ONE-2-ONE BAR. Tickets for the afterparty need to be purchased seperately, but shuttles to get there will be provided. Who says the party has to end when the concert does?

Lasers on the Lake

Price: 💸💸

Address: Walsh Boat Landing 1600 Scenic Drive Austin, TX 78723

Why you need to go: This is a rare opportunity on July 19th to enjoy a cruise around Lake Austin for only $70! Lasers on the Lake has it all from food, drinks, music, and insane views. You don't want to miss out on this... or the afterparty!


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