It's beyond easy to admit that the best part of any amusement park is where all the water rides are, especially during the summer. There's no shame in wanting to spend your day in the water in this heat, in fact, it's more common than not. So why not spend your day at the coolest wakeboard/water park combo of all time? Quest ATX in Austin is open daily and has something for everyone to enjoy!

Quest ATX is the city's first-ever and only cable wakeboard park. This side of Quest is built for expert wakeboarders as well as beginners to the sport. Whether you're ready to get out on the water on your own or need some help learning how to get into the swing of things, Quest ATX is there for you! More specifically, their super friendly and trained employees that'll guide you in the right direction. You'll leave more experienced than ever!

A more recent addition to Quest ATX is their water park, a place made for having fun. The water park includes an insane obstacle course, a 2 tower swing, 2 85-foot slides, and the ability to paddle around on the lake Quest ATX sits on! You'll never run out of things to do while you're here, and the all-day pass is highly recommended for exactly that reason. 

While you're at the park(s), you can enjoy delicious burgers and beer that they sell on-site, as well as other refreshing treats. Both parks are open most days from 10 AM to 8 PM, giving you an endless amount of time to enjoy each and every single thing about the park. Tickets can be bought on-site and dogs are more than welcome. Get ready for your summer to get even better!

Quest ATX

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Burgers and beer!

Address: 10815 FM1625, Austin, TX 78747

Why you need to go: This water park has every cool activity you can think of! You'll be making your bucket list ten times shorter after you've spent the day here. 


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