Get ready because one of the most beautiful floral festivals is coming back to Texas this month. From April 26th to the 28th you will be able to part take in the stunning Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, Texas. 

During the festival, you will be able to enjoy a parade, flower tours and live music. The festival sets out to preserve the beautiful red flowers as they used to grow wildly all over the land and take over the town with their bright colors. Now they don't take over like they used to, but they do still grow quite prominently in the area from mid-March through late-April.

Their popular flower tour takes visitors all over town, taking them to different spots where they can take pictures and see all the different fields where these flowers grow. They take you all over town, from the red covered road side to the front of people's yards!

The festival also has a cooking competition that lets chefs, bakers and cooks with all types of experience take on the challenge to see who can make the best poppy snack in town.

During the festival's giant parade, you can get a look at all the floats decorated with poppies or made to look like massive poppie themed displays while local schools and businesses dance and march together throughout the painted red town. 

The festival is free to enjoy for anyone who would like to celebrate the flowers together. They will also have a variety of local artisans set up so you can pick out the most unique and handcrafted souviners and gifts.  They will even have Texas shaped cookies with the festivals name on them.

Live musical performances at the event will be by local favorites The Jerrells, Garrett Ford and Pat Green. You can enjoy the concerts at any stage with any of their headliners for free. 

For more information about the festival including the parade route, you can visit their website here. 

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