The ability to go out and see something you've never seen before is always a possibility in Texas. The state is filled with remarkable things from the incredible people to the art they create. One work of art, in particular, stands out from the rest and truly adds to what makes Austin so unique. The Color Inside is a Skyspace on the University of Texas campus, one of the 84 that the artist behind it has ever created. It is truly a magical place to visit.

James Turrell is the artist behind this incredible Skyspace. A Skyspace, for those who don't know, is basically a naked-eye observatory. The Color Inside allows you to look out through an oculus and notice how the sun, especially when it rises and sets, changes the colors room. Completely natural colored lights are able to both illuminate the walls and contrast the natural skylight to bring you all sorts of colors in the Skyspace. You'll see the sky like you've never seen it before.

While the most notable changes are seen during sunrise and sunset, the Skyspace is open the public all day long for up to 25 people at a time to experience. That way it doesn't get too crowded, and you're able to snap the pic of your dreams! Their summer hours are 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, they're closed on weekends until August 31. You can reserve up to four spots at a time, so make sure your closest friends are free!

Speaking of free, that's exactly what this exhibit is. FREE! All you have to do is reserve your spot ahead of time and you're good to go. They have a few rules you'll need to follow and some recommendations before you visit on their website, so checking those out before you go is a must. Your Insta feed isn't ready for something as cool as this.

The Color Inside, a Skyspace

Price: Free!

Address: 2201 Speedway at 22nd Street Austin, TX 78712

Why you need to go: This is by far the coolest place you'll visit all summer!


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