Spending the night in a tree house was every kid's dream growing up - I mean, we grew up with movies like Bridge to Terabithia! If someone had told us that magical tree houses were waiting for us in adulthood, we never would've believed them. Glamping Hub has a tree house rental that's out of this world, but lucky for us, not at all literally. 

Lake Buchanan is an incredible body of water near Austin, and for those lucky enough to take advantage of it, there's a gorgeous tree house that overlooks it. The rental is similar to a yurt in its style, but extremely home-y in every other way. For only $260 a night (minimum 2-night stay) there's a king-size bed, a queen sofa bed, and a double futon for all of your friends or family to stay with you, making the place pretty affordable in the end!

This natural paradise is home to a bathhouse where guests can soak and relax in a tub fit for two! If more than a couple of people want to partake, well, that's what the lake is for. And if you know someone with a boat, or have one yourself, even better! You won't have to go far to feel like you're on vacation miles and miles away. 

Massages are also available on site for an additional cost. It's incredible how much the fabulous owners are willing to do for their tenants to ensure a seamless and relaxing stay! There are also meal packages available with plenty of options. Who needs an expensive hotel when there are places like this to stay?

Tree House Rental Above Lake Buchanan

Price: 💸

Address: near Austin, Texas

Why you need to go: This is such an incredible location with more than enough to do. You'll feel like you're in a paradise, which Austin is pretty close to being!


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