From all the stunning swimming holes and summer hiking trails, I know we say Texas has a lot of hidden gems. But turns out, we literally do. And rare ones too. Seaquist Ranch in Mason, Texas lets you dig for your own rare Texas Topaz—for cheap!

Topaz, a typically white-ish colored gem, can also be found in a gorgeous natural blue color. But only in Mason, Texas.

And Seaquist Ranch takes full advantage of it. While the ranch wasn't open to the public until the 1970s, the Seaquist family has been operating the grounds and the stunning 1919 family home for over a century. 

They're self-proclaimed for being "probably the most famous ranch in Texas for Topaz hunting." And if they're not 100% sure about it, then how could I be? And I have no premise to argue it, so let's just run with it.

The most family ranch for Texas Topaz hunting lets you dig for Topaz (and whatever else you can find) on their grounds for just $20 per person. The ranch is open 7 days a week and lets you dig from dusk till dawn.

You must reserve your spot by calling the number on their website at least two days prior to visiting.

But hurry and plan your visit this month, the ranch closes from November till January. 

They recommend you bring along a medium-sized shovel, a bucket, wire mesh screen shifter, food and water, and your cell phone (which will only work if you have AT&T, but whatever). Just don't get pulled over on your way there—that equipment might be hard to explain to the small-town Sheriff.

Whether you're a rock fanatic (the music or the mineral) or just really want to impress your soon-to-be-fiancé, there's an adventure to be had at this hidden gem in Texas.


Seaquist Ranch

Price: $20

Address: Mason, Texas (contact owner for address) 

Why you need to go: Dig for some authentic and rare Texas Topaz for cheap. 


Cover photo for illustrative purposes.

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