We all need to get away sometimes - reality is a slap in the face unlike any other. Knowing the best spots to escape to, now that's the tricky part. But we have all the answers to solve your epic getaway problems. Waelder, Texas is home to an insanely gorgeous tree house/private ranch combo that offers a unique experience unlike any other!

Whether it's just you, you and your significant other, or you and a friend making the great escape, this property accomodates it all! Within the tree house there's a full-size bed and two private bathrooms, perfect for people who need lots of counter space. Outside, there's a giant swimming pool and massive relaxing porch for you and whoever joins you to enjoy and watch the animals. There's tons to do on the property as well as all of the neighboring cities, if you're up for a drive. 

The host of the property offers many services to have ready for you when you arrive, for some additional costs. A photographer is available if a big milestone in your life is coming up, and the property is perfect for getting those gorgeous shots you need. You can also asks for the most heavenly massages for you and your partner. And last but not least... cooking classes! Professional chefs are available to come to the property and cook delicious meals with and for you, and the host can set up the arrangements themself. 

The tree house is also on a giant 40 acre ranch you are allowed to explore, so be prepared to see some adorable wildlife including cows, longhorns and even bison!

If you're looking to take a drive off the property, you'll run into tons of neighboring cities that have lots to do. Smithville, Bastrop, Austin, and San Marcos are all less than an hour away. Each city offers spectacular shopping, sight-seeing, and activities that'll have you busy in the best way all day long. No matter how long you're looking to get away for, you'll never run out of things to do.

Tree House and Private Ranch Rental

Price:  $330.08 per night 

Address: Waelder, Texas 78959

Why you need to go: This glamping hub is the perfect escape from reality, or vacation spot if you're new to Texas! You'll have tons to do and see on the property, and even more just a short drive away. Their rave reviews say it all. 


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