Texas' weather doesn't play by the rules and at times we're extremely grateful that that's the case. This is especially true for berry picking season, which, in Texas, is now! A U-pick berry farm near Austin is open for business earlier than ever, and you can stop by now through May to pick your own strawberries and much, much more. 

Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, about an hour away from Austin and San Antonio, is officially open for their spring season.

You may have heard of them once or twice before, seeing as how they have a pretty impressive fall season each year. If not, you might want to make sure you're not living under a rock. Just kidding!

From now until May, you can stop by the farm every day of the week aside from Wednesday. Their hours Monday through Saturday are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. As long as weather permits, of course.

As we previously mentioned, the farm is open unusually early for their spring season. They advise that you frequently check their website under their "fresh news" tab to ensure you're planning a visit on a good day.

They update the tab regularly, and you can even check out what they've said about days prior.

Once you've made sure you're planning a visit to the farm on a day that the Texas weather is cooperating, it's time to decide what all there is to do! There are so many options, all of which are equally as fun as the next.

Strawberry picking is $2.99 per pound and there's even a tulip field that, after paying $5 for the entrance fee, you can pick tulips from for $1 per flower.

The tulip field is listed on their website as not opening until March, but it might be different this year, similar to the strawberry picking. It all depends on how quickly they bloom.

Picking boxes are .75 cents each and are the only boxes allowed for the berries. They're totally reusable, which means you can bring them back time and time again for some more berry or tulip picking.

The Berry bounce, sand art, Sweet Berry barrel express train, and paint-a-pot, are activities that you can enjoy in-between, before, or after all of the picking. There'll even be snacks to munch on and animals to feed!

Prices for all of this range from .25 cents to $4.25 which isn't bad at all.

Remember, you have until May to come and check Sweet Berry Farm out, so don't limit yourselves to just one trip! This place is amazing.

Sweet Berry Farm

Price: πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

When: Their spring season is from now until May and allows for strawberry picking as well as other activities.

Address: 1801 FM 1980, Marble Falls, TX

Why You Need To Go: So that you can take home delicious strawberries to enjoy in all sorts of ways.

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