Spending the day in front of the water and from the comfort of your home is something we literally all need. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to live right in front of a gorgeous body of water. But hey, that's what rentals were made for! Glamping Hub has a rental listing for a waterfront cottage that doubles as a yoga retreat. This is the peaceful getaway we all needed.

This waterfront cottage is only $184 a night and fits four people (that's less than $50 a night, each)! Bring your closest friends or suggest a glamorous double date and say goodbye to all of your worries. There's even a jacuzzi to lay out in!

While you're enjoying your stay, there's plenty of room to host a BBQ, enjoy yoga in front of the water, or go swimming for so long you lose track of time! The rental is somewhat secluded so you're able to truly enjoy the company of whoever you bring. There are two rooms, one being a master that comes with a super relaxing jacuzzi tub. 

The kitchen is decked out in everything you need, from coffee makers to mini-fridges you can hold whatever you need and more! You'll be covered from start to finish during your stay. Carve a weekend out of your summer, because this is the definition of treating yourself.

Waterfront Cottage Rental

Price: 💸

Address: Spicewood, Texas

Why you need to go: When life gets tough, a waterfront cottage is exactly the place to get away to. 


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