If your summer list is running out of ideas, add this spot to your next seashell hunting adventure. Your shell bags will overflow when you visit this east coast paradise; Ten Thousand Islands are a chain of islands and mangrove islets offering the perfect spot for beachcombing. 

Shelling is a popular activity in Southwest Florida where you can find over 50 different kinds of shells. Most of the shells wash up on the beaches of Fort Myers, Sanibel and Ten Thousand Islands. 

Some of the shells you will find are Angulate Wentletrap, Calico Scallop, Junonia, Lettered Olive, Scotch Bonnet, Horse Conch, Nutmeg, Rose Petal Tellin, Alphabet Cone, and Dwarf Arrow Triton.

The best way to find shells is on Gulf-side beaches from November through April. However, you can find many shells during the hours before and after low tide. Remember, it is prohibited to collect shells with a living creature inside.

Kayaking is also a popular activity around the mangroves in Ten Thousand Islands. The area is comprised of over 230 square miles of mangrove forest and one of the largest mangrove systems.

Treasure seekers can also embark on a shell expedition with a shelling tour in Goodland, FL. The shell tour lasts four hours and it costs $125 per person.

The tour includes a 25-minute boat ride from the marina out to the barrier islands south of Marco Island, where you will enjoy pristine waters and unbeatable views of the ocean. 

Shelling is a relaxing activity for those wanting to escape the hustle of daily life and escape into a world of wonders. 

Ten Thousand Islands

Where: You can start you tour at 740 Palm Point Dr., Goodland, FL 34140

Why you need to go: These remote islands have one of the best shells in Southwest Florida. You will find many treasures and beautiful views from the Gulf Coast.


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