You don't always have to hit Six Flags for a good thrill ride. The Breathtaker Alpine Coaster in Colorado whisks you through gorgeous forest pines at 28 mph. In the summer, you can enjoy stunning views of the towering green trees, and in winter, you'll feel like you're on a Frozen adventure.

If you've been craving that stomach-dropping feeling that only comes with a good coaster, this joy-ride has you covered.

Aspen, Colorado, is home to the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster, a mile-long adventure through stunning forests.

Towering trees border the track, and you really will feel like you've stepped into Frozen during the winter months. Snow lies thick and sparkles on either side of you.

You can reach 28 miles per hour of pure adrenaline rush through the woods, all the while enjoying twists and hairpin turns along this epic journey.

The ride lasts between seven to nine minutes, and the elevated track will make you feel like you're soaring through the trees above the forest floor.

The cost is only $49 for up to three rides, and opening times vary depending on the season.

You can even space out your thrills and to go over multiple days, for that little extra rush in between activities.

If you want to bring your adrenaline-junkie pal along for the ride, you can both hop on for an epic cruise through snowcapped trees or warm, green summer landscapes.

The name suits the coaster, as the scenery is just as breathtaking as those speedy turns around the track that zooms up, down, and all around the mountain.

Bring along your Go-Pro or hold on tight to your camera phone to grab some seriously wicked footage of your ride, perfect for sharing on your social feed.

Views from a coaster that cool deserves a post so that others can experience the thrills from afar.

Sharing is caring, after all.

Breathtaker Alpine Coaster

Price: $49

Address: 48 Upper River Rd., Aspen, CO

Why You Need To Go: This exhilarating ride through an alpine forest will have you wanting to go again and again and again.


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