Have you ever thought about spending Valentine's weekend checking out taxidermy and Witchcraft paraphernalia? The answer is likely no but if it it piques your curiosity, you'll love what's coming. This Charlotte oddities expo next month is as cool as it is strange and it's totally the place to be for an unforgettable adventure.

The Oddities & Curiosities Expo travels around the U.S., visiting several cities and bringing all things peculiar with it. Small businesses, vendors, artists and dealers from all over the U.S. join together in one place each year to showcase their quirky items.

The annual event is creeping up at the Charlotte Convention Center on Feb. 15 with eerie and eccentric goodies that you didn't even know existed. It's taking 2020 by (dark) storm with all new bizarre exhibits and even collectibles you can take home as souvenirs. 

Don't be afraid to release your inner weirdo (because we all have one) and discover all that this mysterious fest has to offer.

You may be wondering what it's all about so here's a little glimpse at what you might find: taxidermy, preserved specimens, original artwork, horror/Halloween-inspired pieces, antiques, handcrafted oddities, quack medical devices, clothing, jewelry, skulls/bones and funeral collectibles.

General admission tickets are only $10 and VIP tickets are only $20. These include early access to skip the crowds, a free "Liquid Death" mountain water, a t-shirt, an exclusive stage performance and merchandise discounts.

How "odd" that this freak fest falls on V-day weekend. This is definitely unconventional, but it may be super fun to do something different (and a little less sappy) this year.

You're truly going to witness some rare and weird stuff you've never seen, so come on out and bring all of your freakish-ness with you.

More mystifying things to do in the South include this mystery museum in Louisiana and this hidden gothic oddities shop near Orlando.


Charlotte Oddities & Curiosities Expo

Price: $10+

When: Feb. 15

Address: 501 S. College St., Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: Get in touch with your freaky side as you explore (and even collect) super weird things at this giant expo.

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