Every city has an artistic bone that shows its strength ever so often. In South Carolina, there's quite a few locations that really give this small city much creative flair. One of the many murals in South Carolina is actually a trippy optical illusions that's also potentially dangerous. 

In downtown Columbia, South Carolina, locals and tourists get a chance to see many works of art. In fact, many of the pieces are created by the same artist. 

Local South Carolina resident "Blue Sky" has a reputation for creating massive installations around the city. One of his famous pieces, Never Bust, is a 25-foot-long steel chain that's installed between two buildings, giving the illusion of holding the building together. 

Blue Sky is definitely a fan of illusion work, as this is not his only piece with the same sentiment. Only a few blocks away is his trippy mural, Tunnelvision. 

The 50-foot-tall, 75-foot-wide mural looks like it came off a movie set. The hyper-realistic piece resembles a road turning into a highway.

The style used to create the depth of the piece is called tromp l'oeil, making the art seem as though you can walk right into it.

The piece was originally created in 1975; since then, the artist regularly updates and adds touch-ups to the work, only adding to its realistic style.

The location has become a popular spot for photo shoots, especially those who enjoy playing within the 3-D nature of the piece.

To add even more illusion work to really look its visitors, Blue Sky added guardrails around the mural, to keep people from accidentally driving into the wall. So far there have been no accidents reported.


Price: Free

Address: 1500 Hampton St., Columbia, SC

Why You Need To Go: This massive optical illlusion is perfect for anyone who wants to daydream about escaping. 

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