Candytopia has been in Dallas for a while now and its whimsical candy theme has not only brought us joy but also tons of great Instagram posts. The sugary Candytopia exhibit has been so popular in the DFW area that they have decided to extend their stay in the city until Sept. 2. Originally, the exhibit was only supposed to be here until the end of July but due to popular demand they have added more dates.

The candy wonderland has tons of amazing things to see, touch, smell, and taste. The extension allows you to see them all for the first time, if you haven't already, or to see them again and transport your self into a world even Willy Wonka would be jealous of.

The exhibit has different themed rooms like a painting room where portraits made completely out of candy are hung, depicting the art pieces of your favorite artists. One of the more popular attractions is the giant marshmallow pit. The pit has more marshmallows than you'll ever be able to count and makes as great props for your next Insta post. Another one of their rooms you'll encounter is the underwater room where you can see a massive candy shark. 

The date extension also means you'll be able to go through their candy gift shop and pick up some sweet treats for your self for another month!

Tickets to the wonderful candy-filled exhibit are just $30 for adults on any day of the week. You will have to schedule a time to visit beforehand as you purchase your ticket in advance. 

Candytopia is located at 8021 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 2000,
Dallas, TX 75231. For tickets and more information on the exhibit, you can visit their website here. 


Price: $30

Address: 8021 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 2000,
Dallas, TX 75231

Why you need to go: The exhibit has everything candy with tons of room and massive candy sculptures. 



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