When out having a day of fun, you probably hit up a food court at some point for a tasty and affordable lunch. Dallas has a food court unlike any other that will make you wonder why you'd ever go to any other place to eat ever again. Crystal Court is a glass pyramid in downtown Dallas that is just crazy beautiful.

Seeing that the building has such a luxurious look to it, you might think the food there is out of your price range but in reality, they have delicious and affordable eats like Chick-fil-a and Dickey's BBQ Pit. The building is part of the Renaissance Tower but it is open to the public so everyone can enjoy its beauty.

The food court is nine stories high and has plenty of space for everyone. No matter where you sit you will have an amazing view of downtown. Visitors from out of town often take pictures with the building, sometimes not even knowing what it is. One of the coolest things about the food court is that you can access it through Dallas' forgotten underground tunnels.

The Crystal Court is open daily for all to enjoy. Closing times vary on the day of the week but they tend to close at 7 PM. There you will find everything from burgers to Asian fusion to barbeque, which means there is truly something for everyone. You can access the spot through the Dart train system so parking shouldn't be a problem. 

Crystal Court is located at 1201 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75270. For more information on its food court, you can visit their website here.

Crystal Court

Price: Free to enter

Address: 1201 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75270

Why you need to go: There isn't a more beautiful food court in the entire city. They have great and afforable restuarants and awesome views of downtown Dallas.


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