There are so many unique ideas we think of when it comes to planning the perfect date, especially for Valentines' Day. It can sometimes get a bit overwhelming finding something special to celebrate the love you have for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Have no fear because a gondola cruise service in Dallas, Gondola Adventures, is ready to help you with all your Valentines' Day needs.

If we're being honest, this has been the most world-renowned gesture all over the world for centuries.

Gondola Adventures originally started in Newport Beach, California in 2002 with gondolas imported from Venice, Italy. It now has a beautiful spot in Irving, Texas.

As the service grew in popularity, their second location in Irving began to be the talk of the town.

Floating through Lake Carolyn with scenic views, this definitely is a date to remember.

Gondola Adventures offers everything to make your experience the most enjoyable it can be.

First, they have 2 different gondola styles, both electric and rowing depending on if you're in the mood for a more traditional gondola experience or something a little more modern.

Next, you can choose if you want to take up their offer on one of their fabulous dinner cruises, the dinner being provided from the Omni Hotel. How fancy!

Lastly, you have the choice to have the gondoliers sing to you or play romantic music to set the mood.

You guys also don't have to limit yourself to just experiencing this for Valentines' Day.

You can have a nice lunch, celebrate an anniversary, or even go just because.

They also have the ability to have multiple gondolas float together in a flotilla if you decide to go with a large group of friends.

As for price and hours, the hours for their services are spectacular.

Open 24 hrs every single day, you're able to go at any time.

Pricing varies by cruise, however, they start at $155 and get up to $200 with romantic and fun upgrades.

Gondola Adventures

Price: $155+

Address: 357 West Fork, Irving, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you're looking for something special to plan for your bestfriend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, this is your place to go!

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