A brand-new concept in art exhibitions is currently featured at the Dallas Museum of Art and encourages art-lovers to not only interact but requires audience participation as a foundational part of the experience. Speechless: Different by Design aims to merge sensory perceptions and challenges our conventional communication methods.

Note: Please DO touch the art.

Inspired by her son’s communication disability, Sarah Schleuning, who spearheaded this project, created a concept of experiencing art rather than just viewing it.

“It really forced me to rethink ideas of how to communicate, and how to communicate other than words…” Sarah told the Texas Standard.

The six globally-sourced artists convened in Dallas, Texas and were educated by a group of doctors and scientists to really learn how the brain works. Then, their challenge was to artistically demonstrate alternative comprehension methods, other than speech.

“I wanted people to understand what it feels like to touch sound, and to hear light,” Ini Archibong, an American-Swiss designer, explained to Forbes.

No, you’re not on ‘shrooms.  Although it might feel like it when you walk through this exhibit and your senses become excited and confused (in the most delightful way).

It's designed not only to push the boundaries of how we communicate with each other but to transform communication as a whole, where sound becomes visible and language, tactile.

New York-based artists, Steven and William Ladd, created a tactile wonderland with tens of thousands of fabric scrolls lining the walls, floor, and ceiling.

There’s a “sensory de-escalation” area complete with noise-canceling headphones, weighted pillows and lounge chairs Laurie Haycock Makela.

And all along I thought art was only for seeing with my eyes. 

This is a must-experience-in-person kind of exhibit that will have you exploring communication beyond words.  Speechless will only be at the DMA until March 22.  After that, this interactive exhibit travels to Atlanta to share more sensory enhancing goodness.

Speechless: Different by Design Art Exhibit at DMA

Price: $9

When: Until March 22

Address: 1717 N Harwood St., Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: Explore alternative methods of communication that will leave you speechless. 

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