Since landing in the Metroplex, Rainbow Vomit has taken everyone's Instagram by storm. The immersive art installation in Dallas has been a must-see for a while but on September 7 they are introducing Night Mode from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

The one-night event will allow 21+ guests to bring their own drinks (but no red wine!). Tickets for the event range from $28 to $40 depending on the ticket package you choose to get. Some ticket packages come with photo sessions that allows you to bring your DSLR and snap some amazing shots while you party.

While you are allowed to bring your own drinks, there will also be drinks for purchase. Also enjoy live music throughout night and jam out, hang out, and have tons of fun! Even if you've been before, Night Mode turns the lights down and covers the place with neon vibes, creating a new experience for the exhibit. 

The event will also feature an Illumination Station that guests will be allowed to play with while they attend the event. (We hear you can ride an unicorn!) Tickets are on sale now but space is limited so we suggest getting yours soon. 


Rainbow Vomit is located at 3609 Parry Ave Dallas, Texas. For tickets to the event and more information about this amazing interactive experience, you can visit their Facebook page here.

There is no shame in being a fan of events that light up the night. If you're interested in similar events, Pumpkin Nights features hundreds of glowing pumpkins and is happening this fall. 

Night Mode At Rainbow Vomit

Price: $28 - $40

When: September 7 

Address: 3609 Parry Ave Dallas, Texas, 75226

Why You Need To Go: Rainbow Vomit is having an adult-only night with drinks and tons of neon fun. 


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