Dallasites far and wide are already aware of the experiential art and retail experience are known as Sweet Tooth Hotel. With 3 eye-catching and immersive art experiences that have occurred throughout the past couple of years, people have been curious about what and when the next experience will be. The wait is over now y'all, Dallas' Sweet Tooth Hotel's newest installation, INTANGIBLE, will be arriving this April.

INTANGIBLE's creative direction was pulled from many different colorful elements.

There will be the most rooms Sweet Tooth Hotel has ever done, one of which will resemble a 70's disco room!

The exhibit will showcase many talented artists who have each been given a space to install their most elaborate works using fibers and yarn.

Most of the artists are local to Texas from Austin and North Texas and some will be coming from the West Coast and sunny Los Angeles.

You'll walk into a colorfully immersive environment made entirely of fiber, blowing up with vibrancy and texture.

The purpose is to experience a colorful fairytale you can sink your hands into.

With yards and yards of multi-textured yarn surrounding the walls, your sense of touch will be completely overwhelmed.

When you look at Sweet Tooth's predecessors, you can see that they are no newbie when it comes to astounding rooms and mind-blowing art installations.

Their most recent art installation, DISCOTECH had all senses tingling with loud music, shiny objects, and a bar entirely inspired by Prince.

The bar will be having a makeover for INTANGIBLE as well, completely transforming into an alcoholic and non-alcoholic cereal bar!

Tickets are $20 and opening day is April 18, 2020.

Get excited about the fun and colorful pictures for your Instagram feed!


Price: $20

Address: 2316 Victory Park Ln, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: Get excited, y'all. A yarn wonderland is coming to Sweet Tooth with a cereal bar to compliment the "fiber" theme.

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