If you've ever wanted to go to the North Texas Fair & Rodeo but August just seemed too far away you're in luck! Denton is having their very first ever Spring Fun Fair on the North Texas Fair & Rodeo grounds on May 1. 

The fun fair will feature all the same great games and food the rodeo does including their fair wheel and stands like The Big Slice. The Fair will be from May 1 to May 5 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. which means there is plenty of time to try everything before they pack it all up til next year. 

The fair is free admission but you will have to pay for food and rides. It is not known if there will be any of the cute animals from the rodeo there but we sure hope so as they are just too sweet to miss.

The Spring Fun fair sets out to give visitors all the fun of the rodeo before the show in August and free of charge. The fun fair will feature a variety of games including water guns, strength games and even rock climbing. 

You can expect all your fair favorites like funnel cakes, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick and corn dogs. They will also have your favorite beers in stock most of them being Denton local beer.

Dentons first ever Spring Fun Fair will be located on 2217 N Carroll Blvd in Denton, Texas. For more information on this epic fair, you can visit their Facebook event page here. 

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