As many of you may know, Sweet Tooth Hotel is one of the most popular art experiences in Dallas. The hotel displays multiple immersive exhibits that rotate throughout the year to consistently engage their customers. After being extended throughout December when the original end date was in September, one of their most beloved exhibits is going to be saying its goodbyes at the end of this month. A music and digital art experience, DISCOTECH at Sweet Tooth Hotel, is closing on December 29th.

Due to the exhibit closing, Sweet Tooth will be having a $5 dollar admission on closing day along with free ice cream scoops from Steve's Ice Cream, and a $5 mimosa bar the entire day.

In collaboration with px.lab, this experience is destined to be one of a kind.

The exhibit is aimed to be a sensory experience that is executed through huge visual-audio installations created by px.lab.

Compared to 1955, the previous exhibit showcased inside the hotel, DISCOTECH features extremely futuristic, "iced out" props.

Such as a completely rhinestoned embellished car and mirrored mannequins that accompany you in a gold throne.

As you walk through the different themed rooms, you get to choose between different headphones that enhance your experience based on your music taste.

You'll also be greeted by a bar that will definitely make you want to party.

Bar Reign is inspired by our favorite icon, Prince and has the cocktails to compliment that.

The bar has an exclusive cocktail called Purple Rain, of course, in addition to other cocktails to stick with the theme like Red Corvette, 1999 and more!

With purple velvet draping the walls, along with the famous Purple Reign motorcycle designed by The Moto Conspiracy and Built By Bender, you'll feel engulfed in a true party hosted by Prince himself.

While holding a delicious cocktail, the rooms you'll explore will consist of disco balls, shiny confetti, and neon lights! Sip your drink and take your selfies.

DISCOTECH Closing Party

Price: $5

When: December 29th

Address: 2316 Victory Park Ln, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: With numerous amounts of photo opportunities, a wide range of music, and only a $5 admission fee, you are bound to have a great time!

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