You might want to look up this weekend

It won't be hard to know when they're coming, as you can probably hear the roar of jet engines moments before they streak overhead. 

The Alliance Air Show, held just 20 minutes north of Fort Worth, will be the center of a variety of aerial acrobatics this weekend.

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Different Acts Each Day 

Following state guidelines for COVID-19, the Air Show will be a full socially distanced event, making it the first drive-in event in the show's 30-year history.

Those who would like a spot in the parking lot will have to pay $50 per vehicle.

But you don't have to be in the front row to enjoy the action.

The Thunderbirds act requires them to make huge turns above the metroplex, giving locals at home in the area a short glimpse of the speed and sound.

In August, the annual event was voted the best air show in the country.

Alliance Air Show 

Price: $50/per vehicle 

When: October 17-18 

Address: 2221 Alliance Blvd. # 100, Fort Worth, TX

Why You Need To Go: Experience this unique aerial experience and watch some impressive aircraft.

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