Dallas' favorite Taiwanese drink and donut shop Fat Straws is coming to Richardson, Texas! The popular boba and donut restaurant just announced on their Instagram that they are headed to a new location sometime very soon. Fat Straws menu of tasty treats has become a favorite among the city of Dallas with their incredible mochi donuts, milk teas, and green tea shakes. 

The unique Taiwanese spot recently released their new collection of mochi donuts, the first of their kind to appear in Dallas. The donuts are soft, mochi-infused treats covered with your choice of sugary glaze. Customers love them for their unique flavor, adorable shape and, delightful lightness. Buy them individually or by the dozen, no one will judge you.

Fat Straws collection of milk teas are loved by all their customers. Commonly known as boba or bubble tea, the sweet drink combines a classic black or flavored tea and milk or creamer, then a variety of tasty tapioca balls are added into the mix. The milk teas come in the flavors classic, taro, coconut, honeydew, pumpkin spice, and many more.

You can also choose from a list of tapioca ball flavors like mango, green apple, strawberry, coffee, and even grass! And Fat Straws is proud to make their tapioca pearls fresh on the daily for the absolute perfect quality. 

The popular Taiwanese drink and snack shop also makes hot milk teas, smoothies, slushies, frappes and shakes for their customers to enjoy. These come in an array of fantastic flavors like Mango Strawberry, Green Tea, Chocolate Banana, and Cookies and Cream. 

Students at the University of North Texas and residents in the area are already getting excited for the opening of the new Fat Straws in Richardson. Taiwanese specialty shops aren't too prevalent in Texas, so when a new one pops up, everyone needs to go try it out!

Prices for the colorful drinks are one of the best parts of Fat Straws. Teas and drinks go for $3-$5 each and donuts are listed at $30 a dozen. For a cheap yet fresh and tasty sweet treat, you might wanna stop by the new Richardson location when it opens or check out one of their current locations in Dallas.

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Fat Straws will soon be opening at 1251 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080.

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