Dallas has a ton of places that can make your summer bucket list unforgettable but there is one specific spot you must-see if you're looking to get some of the most amazing pics of the summer. The Fountain Place in Dallas has to be one of the coolest places in the city with views of not only amazing fountains but the gorgeous city as well.

The fountains are located downtown and are absolutely beautiful. They are surrounded by trees and reflective skyscrapers that make it that more breathtaking than it already is. There are benches all around the spot that allows visitors to relax with a view. Originally built in the late 1980s, the five and a half acre terrace has a 15-foot grid with several small waterfalls.

*The fountains are currently drained and under construction but will be restored to their beauty once the work is soon completed.

At night, the fountains light up with several different colors, transforming it to an even more magical place to visit in the evening. At the top of the stairs, there is a courtyard that you're more than welcome to take your lunch to and hang out for a while during the day. The courtyard often hosts events during the night.

Besides greats views of the fountains, you can also see several of Dallas' more popular skyline buildings which not only add to the beauty of the place but also makes the spot insanely Instagram friendly. 

Fountain Place is open 24 hours of the day and is free to enter at any time. Being located downtown, you'll never run out of things to do nearby these awesome fountains. 

Fountain Place is located at 1445 Ross Ave # 150
Dallas, TX 75202. For more information, you can visit the website here.

Fountain Place

Price: Free

Address: 1445 Ross Ave # 150 Dallas, TX 75202

Why you need to go: There are plenty of beautiful fountains here and there is a courtyard area perfect for anyone who wants to have a great day out with a view.


*This article has been updated.

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