The 1960s came with a lot of great sci-fi films like 2001: Space Odessy and Planet of The Apes. This inspired many designers to look towards the future for fashion, furniture and even houses. One of the coolest houses to come out of this trend was the Futuro house in Royse City.

The houses were designed to look like typical UFO spaceships that you would see in movies and cartoons. Designer Matti Suuronen intended for these awesome designs to be vacation homes that could take on any type of weather and be moved at the owner's desire. They were made in 16 different pieces that could be bolted together or taken apart very easily. 

Because people during the time were not ready for something so out of this world, the design ultimately failed and now there are less than 50 of these houses in the entire world. One of them just happens to be a 40-minute drive north of Dallas in Royse City. 

This particular Futuro house has been completely stripped of its contents. The houses were built to have a kitchen, guest seating area, bathroom and two bedrooms this one, however, has just become a shell. 

Since it is been abandoned, you can walk up and have one of the coolest photos shoots with this awesome spaceship house in the background or you could even go inside. 

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The inside of the house is almost completely covered in graffiti from the people who go and visit. At one point in the last few years, someone took it upon themselves to give the bright orange house a new coat of paint. The house is always open and is now a designated tourist attraction that is completely free to enter. 

There is no exact address for this Futuro house but it is said to be near 9573 State Highway 276 in Royse City, Texas, and with its crash landed look and bright orange color, it will be pretty hard to miss. 

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