Hiking weather is coming and we can't wait! It's been one sweaty summer, right? And we can't do a refreshing hike without a trail, so look no further than Big Cedar Wilderness Trails right here in Dallas. The area has tons of trails for both hikers and cyclists, with over 8 miles to explore!

Big Cedar is completely free to explore with several different loops. If you're a biker, you'll find ramps set up all around that are perfect to put your skills to the test. Watch out for the pedestrians though! The area also has several outlooks with picnic tables, so you can enjoy a nice meal with an amazing view. Bring your dog and take in the nature air.

A day here is a special treat because Big Cedar has the highest elevation in the city of Dallas. It'll really get your heartbeat going! But if you aren't much of an exercise person, we reccommend you still visit. With two observation decks and several grills, it's a great place to spend the day out even if you’re not hiking. Grab some pictures too at the small spring waterfall.

Big Cedar is open from dawn to dusk, Tuesday through Saturday. They don't open until 1 p.m. on Sundays, and are closed Mondays. You can find the location at 8991-8999 Isom Ln., Dallas, TX 75249. For more information visit their website here.

Once you're done conquering the trails, you can hit up any of these parks for more trails all around North Texas. If you happen to be traveling soon, put one of these unbelievable places to hike in Central Texas on your list.

Big Cedar Wilderness Trails

Price: Free

Address: 8991-8999 Isom Ln., Dallas, TX 75249

Why You Need To Go: This park is great for the cyclists who are looking for ramps to master.

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