Fort Worth is home to many supposedly haunted spots.

But this abandoned bridge just 30 minutes north of Fort Worth in the town of Denton is guaranteed to send chills up your spine while also being a beautiful day hike.

Old Alton Bridge, often referred to as the "Goatman's Bridge" is said to have been haunted by a man who was gruesomely murdered there in the 1930s.

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Evil never was so kind.

Becky Vickers, Professional Paranormal Investigator 

Legend has it that an African-American man by the name of Oscar Washburn used to run a successful business near the bridge selling meat, cheese, and yarn.

Locals gave him the nickname, "The Goatman," because not many people knew his real name.

The success of his business angered local members of the Ku Klux Klan, which drove them to lure him out of his home and kidnap him and eventually hang him on Old Alton Bridge.

When Klansman looked over the bridge, Washburn's body was gone, which confused and angered them, leading them to murder Washburn's wife and children.

The area is now said to be haunted by Washburn and has attracted paranormal investigators for years, including the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.

Old Alton Bridge Hike 

Price: Free

When: Anytime 

Address: Old Alton Bridge, Argyle, TX

Why You Need To Go: Beautiful hike which can be turned spooky by sunset. Perfect Halloween activity.

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