Dallas has super unique shops everywhere you look. From knick knacks to vintage pieces, you can just about find anything in the city. But none of those shops will fulfill your ugly holiday sweater needs like this one. Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop in Dallas sells just what the name says, super awesome, super ugly holiday sweaters. The shop is kind of like the Spirit Halloween Store of Christmas.

Sweaters at the store start at around $8 and work their way up depending on what you choose to get. Visit any store around this time of the year, and ugly holiday sweaters are super expensive. $8 is definitely a bargain! You'll never know what you might find at the shop, from harmless reindeer sweaters to ones that play to Santa in some not very flattering positions.

The shop even has a photo booth where you can show off your latest purchase. They really want you to love your ugly purchase. Backdrops of snow will make you feel like you're in a winter wonderland, even though it's 90 degrees of Texas heat outside.

Have even more fun around the store with their massive sale box that you can jump into like it's a ball pit. Yes, you can literally jump in there! Standing on the side and picking out stuff is also an option of course.

You def want to get the best, ugliest sweater before it gets snatched up, so visit the store starting November 26. This particular shop is at Mockingbird Station but there are several others around the Metroplex if you need one closer to home. For more information on this wild store, check out their Facebook page here

And if you're in search of more Christmas-themed places to go, check out Decorator's Warehouse where it's Christmas year-round. You can also stop by Vitruvian Park for an evening out on the town.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop

Price: $8 to $35

Address: 6333 E. Mockingbird Ln. Suite #141, Dallas, TX 75214

Why You Need To Go: This sweater shop has tons of ugly holiday sweaters for super cheap.


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