Eastern Market is a treasure to the city of Detroit. You can find new and interesting things to eat and drink there and you'll meet a ton of new people while you're exploring. These murals are the cherry on top of an incredible market and you should really check it out. 

Thanks to Murals In The Market, there have been over 200 new murals painted throughout the city that bring excitement to simply walking around the city. 

You can find a map of all of the murals and the artists that created them here. They even have an interactive app that you can download at that same link that will help you on your walking tour of the art. 

These murals are special because they really embody the spirit, culture, and history of Detroit told by artists who have strong personal connections to the city. 

Some of the murals are incredible feats of art with intriguing colors and mindblowing designs, while others speak to struggles that the citizens of Detroit have triumphed over. 

The murals often feature heroes of Detroit, such as Rosa Parks, Aretha Franklin, and Eminem.

Detroit's culture has always been deeply saturated with music and a vested interest in civil rights, which shows up often in this type of public art. 

Other murals depict mesmerizing patterns with interesting color choices. You can spend hours staring at some of these murals and still find a new detail.

Stop by for a hot chocolate in the market and let yourself be energized by the amazing artwork that our city has to offer.

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Eastern Market Murals

Price: Free

Address: The two largest clusters of murals are at 1700 Erskine St., Detroit, MI & 1551 Winder St., Detroit, MI.

Why You Need To Go: You don't need to pay admission to a museum to see some of the most talented artists in Michigan. Walk around Eastern Market and you'll feel inspired and be able to brighten up your Instagram feed once you get home. 

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